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When Should I Contact A Lemon Law Attorney?

In this article, you will discover:

  • When to bring in an experienced Lemon Law attorney to help you get rid of your “Lemon” vehicle.
  • What you need to complete your Arizona Lemon Law Evaluation.
  • What sets Amar law Group apart from other Lemon Law firms.

When you realize you’ve purchased a defective “Lemon” vehicle, it’s best to bring in an experienced Arizona Lemon Law attorney right away—the sooner, the better.

When we consult with a potential client to review a potential Lemon Law matter, we need a few pieces of information:

  • Year, make, and model of the vehicle.
  • Current mileage of the vehicle.
  • Defect repair issues.
  • Number of times each defect or condition in the vehicle has been repaired.
  • How much total time the vehicle has spent in the repair shop.

The main thing the consumer needs to do is gather complete records of the vehicle’s defect repair history to complete the Free Lemon Law Evaluation. This information is the main determinant in whether a vehicle qualifies as a potential “Lemon.”

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At Amar Law Group, we are different from most other Lemon Law firms. We pride ourselves in putting our clients first and being accessible by keeping open lines of communication.

Our Fair Fee Guarantee is also designed to put our client’s needs first. If we receive a low max cash compensation offer and the client doesn’t want to go to court, often our flat fee ends up being more than the client gets. If that occurs, we automatically cut our fee giving our client at least an equal amount of compensation from the settlement. We’re unaware of any other Lemon Law Firm that has this kind of guarantee. There are even limited circumstances where we’re under no obligation to cut our fee, and we still do so to help our clients out.

We believe if we take care of our clients, they’ll refer us new clients who are friends, family or acquaintances, and leave us positive reviews.

We know how stressful it is to be stuck with a “Lemon” vehicle. It creates uncertainly, anxiety, and feelings of what’s going to go wrong next or that shouldn’t be happening with a brand-new product.

We do our utmost to help people out of this situation through an Arizona Lemon Law buyback or new vehicle replacement, or at least a cash compensation.

We also seek for our attorney’s fees to be paid by the manufacturer as part of a settlement agreement in out-of-court matters. If it is a cash compensation settlement, then our fees come out of the settlement total, but only if the net amount to our clients is acceptable to them. There are some companies that won’t offer our full fees for an out of court repurchase settlement in which case the remaining balance comes out from the refund portion of the settlement, but we negotiate the mileage fee as low as possible to offset that so our clients still usually do better than or at least equivalent to what they could get if they won in court.

Many lemon law firms talk a big game and claim there is no out of pocket charge for Lemon Law representation, but when you sign up with them, there are all kinds of ways you can be charged out-of-pocket for the representation and because they have no fair fee guarantee the fee the attorney gets out of settlement could be more than what you get. We don’t do that.

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients about other law firms is how difficult it is to get their attorneys on the phone. We do the opposite and pride ourselves on our accessibility to clients. Here’s how…

We have a firm policy of taking client calls immediately as long as we’re not handling another matter. If we’re unavailable when you call, we return all calls within one business day. We also email clients for convenience but always call with important developments. These policies ensure we’re easily accessible to our clients.

For more information on the Arizona Lemon Law, a Free Lemon Law Evaluation is your next best step. Find out if your vehicle qualifies for Free Lemon Law Help by calling (480) 237-2744 today.

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