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Should I Contact The Manufacturer Of My “Lemon” Vehicle Or Hire An Attorney?

In this article, you will discover:

  • How manufacturers try to minimize your recovery if you call them about your defective “Lemon” vehicle.
  • Why calling an Arizona Lemon Law attorney is your best bet for obtaining fair compensation.
  • How you can hire an Arizona Lemon Law attorney to resolve your claim out-of-court with no out-of-pocket cost.

We strongly recommend contacting an Arizona Lemon Law attorney before directly contacting the manufacturer about your “Lemon” vehicle. Here’s why…

Having a defective “Lemon” vehicle is not like buying a defective TV where you can take it back to BestBuy, and they just give you another new TV. With defective vehicles, that is not the way it works because they are much more expensive and complicated products than home appliances.

If you decide to contact the manufacturer on your own about your Lemon vehicle, you’re going into the Lion’s Den. Without substantial prior experience in these types of cases or the law in general, you can’t possibly know all the pitfalls to avoid or the standards and procedures to follow.

The manufacturer’s customer service departments are often staffed by attorneys or representatives that have been legally trained in this area of law. These representatives are extensively trained (and retrained) to minimize the company’s costs and get you to make legal admissions that could hurt your claim and minimize your recovery.

Manufacturers know out of every ten people who contact them with a legitimate Lemon Law claim, maybe only one or two will actually hire an attorney to pursue the Arizona Lemon Law, even if they threaten to hire an attorney. With this knowledge, their goal is to resolve the issue as cheaply as possible.

That’s why they’ll often try to sweet-talk you and not provide any compensation that is even close to what you’re legally entitled to. When offered, the compensation is usually just a month or two of payments, some free maintenance, or a short warranty extension.

This minimal compensation usually comes with a huge catch like signing a release that waives all of your rights to compensation and erasing all of the past repair issues you’ve experienced with your vehicle.

Even if the manufacturer representatives do offer you something the Arizona Lemon Law says you are eligible for, frequently, they don’t offer you everything you’re legally entitled to—the devil is in the details.

There is a famous saying, “The person who represents himself has a fool for a client.” That’s why even when attorneys have a legal issue to deal with, they will rarely if ever represent themselves.

An attorney’s job is to be logical and objective about legal standards and procedures that apply to a particular situation. When you’re directly involved in a matter, it’s extremely difficult to be logical and objective rather than riled up and personally offended. You’re more likely to be emotional and upset about the situation—which is justified—but could lead to making very grave legal mistakes.

In view of the above, it makes sense to talk to an Arizona Lemon Law attorney first when you have a Lemon vehicle. In our firm, we provide Free No-Obligation Lemon Law Evaluations so it costs you nothing to have an attorney evaluate your case.

For our cases that qualify for Free Lemon Law Help, 95% resolve out-of-court with our Quick, Easy, and Free, 3-Step Lemonaid Process. So it doesn’t cost you anything out-of-pocket to have our attorneys argue and advocate on your behalf out-of-court.

The attorney’s job, as your fiduciary, is to act in your best financial interest and to work hard for the best possible outcome.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has zero fiduciary duty to you and will do what is in its best financial interest, not yours.

So don’t make the mistake of contacting a vehicle manufacturer on your own before consulting with an experienced Lemon Law attorney about your defective vehicle situation.

For more information on the Arizona Lemon Law, a Free Lemon Law Evaluation is your next best step. Find out if your vehicle qualifies for Free Lemon Law Help by calling (480) 237-2744 today.

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