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In this article, you will discover:

  • Why Amar Law Group has an Arizona Lemon Law team grounded in the practice of putting clients first.
  • How the Arizona Lemon Law protects consumer rights.
  • Tactics manufacturers use to lessen compensation for your “Lemon” vehicle and how to obtain the full amount you’re entitled to.

When I first went into law, I wanted to be a prosecutor. It took me only a couple of internships to realize prosecution wasn’t for me, so I transitioned to civil law.

The first job I got was with a national Lemon Law firm that had a branch in Arizona. When working at this firm, I really liked that we could help people out of their defective vehicle situation. I could look at myself in the mirror, knowing I was helping people who were saddled with a “Lemon” through no fault of their own, and I wasn’t hurting anybody.

There were also some things that I really did not like at that firm. The firm seemed to put themselves first, instead of the clients or team members. If the firm got paid it’s full fee, leadership didn’t care what the clients got.

That never sat right with me. It was as though they looked at clients as just a nuisance to get themselves paid and at employees as mere cogs in their money machine.

I believe in always putting your clients first and treating your employees well. Staying true to these beliefs, my original law partner and I left that national firm to go out independently and start a competing Lemon Law Firm.

We opened our own Arizona Lemon Law firm and immediately did things very differently. We decided to always put our clients first.

Eventually, I started my own firm but kept the same practice of always putting clients first.

One example of this is if a maximum out-of-court settlement offer comes in lower than our clients want, but they don’t want to escalate to court, we voluntarily agree to cut our Firm’s fees per our Fair Fee Guarantee, so the client is able to get additional compensation.

In my view, if you put people first by reducing your fees in a particular case to help your client out, it will come back to you ten-fold in positive reviews and referrals.

I believe in an abundant, infinite universe; there’s no reason to have a scarcity mindset, trying to take everything you can out of each Lemon Law claim only for yourself. If you take care of others, they’ll take care of you in return.

Arizona Lemon Law Rights: What Consumers Need To Know

Many consumers buying brand-new vehicles don’t realize they have substantial rights that are protected by Lemon Laws like the Arizona Lemon Law and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Often, someone will buy a new vehicle that turns out to be a “Lemon”—a vehicle requiring repeated warranty repairs for substantial defects or conditions, defect repairs that take way too long, or both. Typically, the “Lemon” vehicle has been in the repair shop too many times or for too long because of substantial defects or conditions, like brakes, engine, transmission, suspension, steering, hesitation, vibration, non-starting, dying, etc.

With mass manufacturing, at least a small percentage of vehicles will inevitably come out defective. It fluctuates by manufacturer and year to year, but I would estimate that anywhere from five to ten percent of new vehicles sold could end up qualifying as a “Lemon” every year. In those situations, the manufacturer should accept responsibility for the faulty product instead of letting the consumer who got the short end of the stick stay saddled with the “Lemon” vehicle.

People often don’t know the Arizona Lemon Law can help them. Even if they do know, they have no idea what it entails. They are unaware of the Lemon Law’s standards or requirements, and what type of compensation it can get them.

In Arizona, the Lemon Law forces companies to take responsibility for defective vehicles that can’t be repaired under warranty within a reasonable number of repair attempts or time and to pay attorney fees for successfully resolved cases.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware they can basically get a lawyer for free to help them with their defective vehicle out-of-court. So instead of having the situation resolved with a Lemon Law refund, new vehicle replacement, or cash compensation, consumers unwittingly trade out of their vehicle for a substantial loss because they’re fed up with dealing with defects and repeated or untimely repairs. Although getting rid of the problem vehicle as quickly as possible is understandable under the circumstances, it is an unwise choice given the potential compensation that is missed out on and also lets the manufacturer of the “Lemon” vehicle off the hook scott-free.

Adding insult to injury, “Lemon” vehicle consumers often are forced to roll over a very high negative loan balance into a new vehicle purchase. This can easily happen because even without any defect problems, just by driving a vehicle off the lot it can decrease in value by 10%.

People buy new vehicles because they don’t want to deal with used vehicle problems and pay a premium price for a new vehicle because they want reliability. They need to know they can get from point A to point B, whether it’s to work, school, family functions, social activities, or wherever they need to be in their new vehicle, without breakdowns or defect issues. That’s why it is very unfair to buy a brand “new” vehicle in good faith and end up with the equivalent of a run-down “used” vehicle worth substantially less.

The few Lemon vehicle purchasers who try to hold the manufacturer responsible for a defective vehicle on their own may reach out to the company with the intention of obtaining an adequate resolution, but most of the time they receive very minimal compensation or nothing at all.

Even compensation for a month or two of payments, a 3-month warranty extension, or free oil changes that a manufacturer representative may sometimes provide a Lemon vehicle consumer is not anything close to what the Arizona Lemon Law warrants.

In Arizona, you are entitled to an Arizona Lemon Law buyback or a new vehicle replacement, sticker price to sticker price. Arizona also provides alternative warranty laws, allowing compensation for diminution in value—the payment for the difference in worth between the new vehicle that was purchased versus the defective run-down vehicle actually received. After all, you didn’t get what you paid for, and the new versus old price difference could be thousands of dollars, not just a month or two of payments.

In the rare cases where the company agrees to reacquire the vehicle from a consumer without an attorney involved, often it doesn’t follow all the requirements of the Arizona Lemon Law. The company may charge you massive amounts of money for the use of the vehicle, much higher than the law would call for. The company may not compensate you for certain charges, like financing and other expenses put towards the vehicle, that should be reimbursed under the Lemon Law.

So as you can see, even in the small percentage of cases where companies do the right thing by reacquiring a “Lemon” vehicle, they’re still usually not fully complying with the law. They give with one hand and take away with the other!

When it comes to being compensated for buying a defective vehicle, it is essential to know your rights and the standards of the Arizona Lemon Law as well as other breach of warranty laws. This book will reveal your rights and highlight the essential details of the Arizona Lemon Law and other applicable warranty laws.

For more information on the Arizona Lemon Law, a Free No Obligation Lemon Law Evaluation is your next best step. Get the information and answers you need to find out if your vehicle qualifies for Free Lemon Law help by calling (480) 237-2744 today.

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