This video explains how the Arizona Lemon Law applies to your vehicle and how you could be entitled to a Repurchase or a New Car (or motorcycle) and attorneys' fees. 

Did you lease a "Lemon"? Here is an explanation of when leased vehicles are or are not covered by the Arizona Lemon Law.  

Why choose Amar Law Group to resolve your Lemon Law issues? Our VALUES- We take care of our clients and always put You FIRST! 

Would you do surgery on yourself? Do you think a random person off the street could do your job as well as you and know the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid with no training? These are the exact reasons why you should never try to handle a Lemon Law case (a legal matter involving legal rights and complexities that could ruin even a valid claim if you don't have extensive legal training) on your own.   

You only have so much time in the day. Why not let bygones be bygones and let a valid Lemon Law claim go if your vehicle finally (appears to be) repaired? Here's why, in this video we explain why it is still well worth your while to pursue a Lemon Law claim even when your car finally appears to be fixed given the minimal time commitment involved and high likelihood of obtaining substantial compensation. After all, you deserve to be compensated for your lost time, aggravation, and inconvenience! 

Won't the repairing dealership retaliate against me if I pursue a Lemon Law claim? Actually, it is very rare that dealerships retaliate against consumers for Lemon Law claims because the Lemon Law generally applies to vehicle manufacturers not dealerships. There is a further explanation for you about this issue in this video. 

What do I do if the dealership is not confirming or repairing my vehicle problems? That's an extremely frustrating situation and we're on your side to help you resolve it. Here are the steps to take when a repairing dealer does not confirm your vehicle repair issues. 

Can't I just go through the BBB Autoline? Wouldn't that be a quick and easy way to handle my Lemon law problem? No! It is not a good idea to try and use the car companies' Auto Line to address your vehicle issues when you can get FREE Help from Lemon Law Advocates. The Autoline process is skewed against consumers (imagine having a judge paid for by the other side) and usuall takes longer than our FREE 3-Step Out of Court Process. This video explains why you don't have to go into the lion's den. 

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