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A. Engine, transmission, suspension, tires, brakes, electrical system, air conditioning, ignition, steering, computer modules, interior trim components, exterior trim components (this list is not exhaustive).

*The above FAQs and answers are for informational/educational purposes. Please contact Amar Law Group for additional pertinent information and details about your rights.

A. General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Lexus, Infinity, Tesla, Audi, Harley-Davidson, Four Winds, Monaco, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Coachmen, Forest River, Keystone (this list is not exhaustive).

A. Going to trial even if you file a lawsuit is very rare. Often times, there are many opportunities to settle a case before filing a formal complaint in court and even after a complaint is filed, there are additional opportunities to obtain recovery through settlement before going to trial.

Ultimately, if the matter is not resolved because the sides are too far apart on settlement, it may have to be decided at trial. We have a winning record at trial and will do our utmost to prepare you for such an eventuality if at all necessary.

A. Most cases (95%+) are resolved out of court without any need for court filing costs or any other types of costs. If you decide to pursue litigation by filing a court complaint, the filing and service of process fees are the responsibility of the client. There may also be other costs associated with prosecuting your case depending on how far it goes, like deposition transcripts and/or expert fees. It is our goal to resolve your case as quickly as possible and to limit costs only incurring costs if they are absolutely necessary to prosecute your claim.
A. If you decide to pursue litigation in court and prevail, an attorneys' fee petition is filed with the court on your behalf for payment of attorneys’ fees. If the full attorneys' fees are not awarded by the judge, the outstanding fees are paid from the total recovery. If you comply with the representation agreement, but unfortunately do not win the case, then no attorneys’ fees will be owed in the vast majority of cases. The are a few limited circumstances where a client would need to be charged attorneys’ fees for litigation representation. Please call us for details.
A. A very high percentage of claims (at least 95%) are resolved by Amar Law Group out of court without the need for litigation, so in most cases the answer is no. There are a small percentage of cases where there is a non-offer or unfair offer made. When necessary, our Firm litigates cases on behalf of consumers and we are always willing to take valid claims to court. With that being said, if a claim is not resolved out of court because the maximum offer made is insufficient, you are under no obligation to proceed to court if you do not wish to (although most of the 5% of our clients who are not satisfied with an out of court proposal do decide to litigate and most of those cases are resolved successfully by us for higher compensation to them, and for the few case that go all the way to arbitration or trial we have a much higher winning percentage than the vast majority of Lemon Law attorneys). Nonetheless, if you do not wish to litigate, you have the option to end the representation out of court without owing any attorneys' fees.
A. If you are not happy with an out of court offer or non-offer (which only happens in 5% or less of our cases) and decide to pursue litigation, our attorneys will fight to get you the best outcome possible and will continually attempt to settle your case throughout the process. Unlike other run of the mill firms that may not be willing to litigate (and car and RV companies know who these firms are), Amar Law Group's attorneys have fully and successfully litigated cases through trial and in the Court of Appeals and we have a much higher winning percentage in Court than most Lemon Law firms.
A. No. Settlement terms will not be reported in any public database or on the internet. The car only gets tagged a Lemon if the car company reacquires it under the Lemon Law.
A. Yes, your warranty is still valid. Also, any settlement reached does not affect your right to continue to receive warranty repairs for the normal duration of your vehicle's warranty.
A. We're not a huge fan of many attorneys ourselves. Although the media can exaggerate the negative and ignore the positive in any profession, we know that there are parts of the legal profession that are basically broken. Lots of legal representation is costly and self serving. Many attorneys and Firms just care about getting paid, and not necessarily about the results their clients get from the representation.We do things differently at this Firm. We are working on becoming the Zappos of law firms where we ALWAYS put our clients first. We understand that even in a case where we get paid less by cutting our fee, if we do right by our clients it will come back to us through referrals and positive reviews. We also seek to persuade companies that it would be in their best interests to accept responsibility for defective products, take care of their customers, and keep them with the brand long term. 95% of the time we are successful at getting companies to accept responsibility out of court with settlements that our clients are very satisfied with. If you take a look at our Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews you’ll see how we take care of our clients.
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