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Attorney Endorsements

“I have known Shalev for over 10 years and have been on opposite sides of many cases with him. Shalev vigorously represents his clients’ interests, but always maintains his professionalism. I have referred a number of prospective clients to him over the years.– Kerry Griggs, Commercial litigation Attorney

“Shalev Amar has specialized in the lemon law, breach of warranty and consumer protection field for his entire career. As an expert litigator and negotiator, he has built his impeccable reputation working tirelessly for consumers while also building diplomatic relationships with product manufacturers in an effort to get his clients the maximum compensation under the law. His mission in life of doing things the right way is reflected in his firm’s guiding principles, and the way he treats everyone he comes in contact with. He is an honest person, an expert attorney, and someone who will earn your trust and respect if you have the pleasure to deal with him.”– Henry Vorderbruggen, Lemon law Attorney

5-Star Client Testimonials

Our Results- $42,623,000 Recovered for Clients, 99.1%
Success Rate, 5,229 Lemon Law Cases Handled

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