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The Arizona Lemon Law

The Arizona Lemon Law

How Do I Banish My “Lemon” Car Or Motorcycle With The Arizona Lemon Law?How Do I Banish My Lemon Car or Motorcycle with the Arizona Lemon Law

You might mistakenly believe that when your brand new vehicle has had repairs made under warranty for “free,” there is no violation of the law no matter how inconvenient, troubling, or severe your defective vehicle experience is.

You’re stuck wondering, “what’s going to go wrong next, or how long will I be without my vehicle this time?” You feel trapped with a “Lemon” and the embarrassment of driving a vehicle that keeps breaking down despite being new! You think that you have to just grit your teeth and bear the hassle and frustration of dealing with an unreliable product as long as you’re not being directly charged for the repairs.

But that is ridiculous and unfair! What about the cost to you of lost time (that you’ll never get back), inconvenience, and stress?! You clearly did not get the “New” Vehicle Value you Paid For and Deserve.

Fortunately, the Arizona Lemon Law gives you the ability to get RID OF and BANISH your “LEMON” product once and for all!

The Arizona Lemon Law also entitles you to have ALL Attorneys’ Fees Paid by the company that built your defective vehicle so you don’t have to go up against the car or motorcycle company alone or be penalized by having to pay an attorney to assist you despite being saddled with a “Lemon” through no fault of your own, just really, really, bad luck.

More Information:

You are entitled to Arizona Lemon Law protection when the number of repeat repairs for the same defect or condition is unreasonable or if the total time your vehicle is in the repair shop for warranty repair(s) is unreasonable. You don’t need both too many repairs and too much time without your car or motorcycle for the Arizona Lemon Law to apply, only one or the other.

The Arizona Lemon Law covers you when your vehicle’s use and value are substantially impaired (negatively impacted) by its defects.

This makes sense because like most people, you bought a “new” car or motorcycle with a new vehicle price so you would have peace of mind and wouldn’t have to deal with the uncertainty, aggravation, and inconvenience of “used” car or motorcycle problems.

See If Your Vehicle Is A “lemon”

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What Are Lemon Law Presumptions?What Are Lemon Law Presumptions?

Lemon Law “presumptions” are repair attempt and days out of service standards written into Arizona Law as a “guidepost” of what is the enough is enough point when seeking to repair a motor vehicle. Beyond that point it is legally presumed (or assumed) that the repair history is unreasonable.

It is presumed under the Arizona Lemon Law that your car or motorcycle’s manufacturer has had a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle through its authorized repairing dealer(s) when there have been four or more repairs for the same problem, or if your vehicle has been out of service for 30 or more days in the repair shop as a result of repairs (regardless of whether the problem is the same) within the first two years or 24,000 miles of ownership.

The Arizona Lemon Law presumptions apply in two separate ways:

1) If there are four or more repairs for the same problem in your car or motorcycle an Arizona Lemon Law presumption applies to the product even if there are only four days in the repair shop.

2) If you have a repair that takes 30 or more days, then it doesn’t matter if there has only been one repair. You still get the benefit of the Arizona Lemon Law presumption.

Please keep in mind that the presumptions are written in the Arizona Lemon Law to help you prove you have a “Lemon”, they are not a barrier to compensation. You may still have a valid Arizona Lemon Law case even if your vehicle doesn’t have this number of repairs or time out of service if the overall repair history is “unreasonable” under the circumstances.

Discover If The Presumptions Apply To Your Vehicle

What Am I Entitled To Under The Law?What Am I Entitled To Under The Law?

When your car or motorcycle is covered by the Arizona Lemon Law you are entitled to a Refund (minus a reasonable usage fee) or a comparable New Replacement of your “Lemon” and to recover attorneys’ fees as part of settlement while never stepping foot in a courtroom because over 95% OF OUR CASES ARE SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED OUT OF COURT in 1-3 months without any lawsuit.

It is possible to negotiate a substantial Cash compensation settlement for you with you keeping your vehicle as an alternative. This Cash compensation is for having overpaid for your car or motorcycle given the problems you’ve experienced and for your inconvenience.

These ways of getting rid of or compensated for your “Lemon” are available to you regardless of whether the repairs you sought were “free” under your vehicle’s warranty.

At the end of the day you have two choices:

  1. Your first option is to do nothing and not be helped with our 100% risk and cost FREE 3 Step Out of Court Process and keep having to deal with your “Lemon” vehicle.
  2. Your second option is to make a 30 minute max time commitment to have a shot of getting rid of or at least compensated substantially for your “Lemon” vehicle and all the hassle it has caused you.

If the out of court process doesn’t work for whatever reason (which only happens 5% of the time) you’re out no money. There’s absolutely no risk. You have nothing to lose but the stress and headaches of a faulty “Lemon” vehicle that is improperly repaired over and over again.

With that being said, we must warn you that the most common reason the Lemon Law would not apply to your vehicle is if the claim is timed out so please do not lose out on your Lemon Law rights to a Refund or brand New Vehicle and FREE Legal Help by waiting. Contact us today!

If you feel like you’ve suffered and been inconvenienced enough because of your “Lemon” vehicle and deserve better we are here to help you.

Please either call us at (480) 237-2744 for an immediate case evaluation or provide the information requested in our Free Lemon Law Evaluation page and we will get back in touch with you regarding your vehicle situation within one business day at the latest.

Find Out What Recovery You Are Eligible For

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What Am I Entitled To Under The Law

Consumer Alert About Leased Vehicles In Arizona

Leases are not covered by the Lemon Law in Arizona under most circumstances because the leasing company is considered the owner of the vehicle as explained in this interview of Mr. Amar on abc15.

If you are considering leasing a vehicle, never do so without an addendum to the lease (see below) giving you Lemon Law rights.

Even if you did lease a vehicle without such an addendum, click here for information on another law we can help you o with.

This video explains how the Arizona Lemon Law applies to your vehicle and how you could be entitled to a Repurchase or a New Vehicle and to Attorneys’ Fees being fully paid by the manufacturer.

The most common reason the Lemon Law would not apply to your vehicle is if the claim is timed out so please do not lose out on your Lemon Law rights to a Refund or New Vehicle and FREE Legal Help by waiting.

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Here’s what to do and how to get started when you when you suspect that you have a “Lemon” vehicle:

  1. Gather all of your vehicle repair records (this is the number one piece of evidence in Lemon Law matters).
  2. Call us or submit your vehicle info through our site’s chat feature or online FREE Lemon Law Evaluation form.

Please do not let your claim expire and lose out on your Lemon Law rights and FREE Legal Help. Contact us today!

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